Daily News: Ambiente 2015 calling!

Good morning, Ambiente! The Frankfurt melting pot of trends has been bubbling away since 9 o’clock this morning. Over the next few days around 144,000 trade visitors from all over the world are expected here. Outside are winter temperatures – but inside it’s pleasantly warm with plenty of hot sources of inspirations. It’s a bit like having your birthday, Christmas and Easter all rolled into one. Discover amazing new ideas, meet interesting people and enjoy the moment.

Hats off to our hosts and hostesses! These extremely capable service professionals are on hand to answer all the questions thrown at them from the international trade audience. With their friendly welcome and all-round hospitality they all deserve a special Ambiente medal.

Did you know that the Via Mobile – the mobile walkway that links all halls at Messe Frankfurt – is more than a staggering 1,688 metres in length (that’s more than a mile)? In comparison, the Frankfurt Trade Fair Tower is a mere 257 metres high. What’s more, the moving walkway has its own sound system. The trade fair radio station broadcasts non-stop music, world news, information about Ambiente special shows and – importantly – the latest weather forecast along the Via Mobile.

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