On a cosmic trip.

Infinite worlds and galaxies far, far away. There’s no question that space has always held a fascination for us. Over the years, film makers and set designers have increasingly shown us dreams of life on other planets. Now outer space is finally moving into the mainstream. For autumn/winter 2016, designers are aiming for reflective, straight-line futurism, and whipping up a storm of intergalactic enthusiasm.


  • 1 Clock from Andrea House
  • 2+3 Table lamp and Mirror from Eichholtz
  • 4 Side table from Mejd Studio
  • 5+6 Vases from Orrefors and Bomma
  • 7 Cushion from Iittala

At home in another galaxy
There are no limits to the imagination when it comes to this season’s interior design. Reflective and mirrored surfaces abound, they seem to be everywhere: from lamps to clocks to side tables. Not only does this trend see our own personal relationship with space from an impressive, fresh viewpoint, it also plays with form and light. In short, it’s about breaking with straight lines and conventional perceptions. Surfaces are arranged so that they extend our view almost infinitely, and open up new perspectives. The reflected light also gives an impression of heat in this dimension where the materials are generally cool. Rarely have aluminium and other metals felt so warm and inviting.


  • 1 Earrings from Sweet Deluxe
  • 2 Necklace from Alessi
  • 3 Watering can from Philippi
  • 4 Watch from Georg Jensen
  • 5 Vase from Byfly
  • 6 Decorative pineapple from Bloomingville
  • 7 Ring from Mint Sweden

‘I’ll give you the stars from the sky.’ Jewellery that’s out of this world!
Even in accessories, there’s no escape this season from space and futuristic design. Whether it’s a traditional wristwatch or big statement earrings, everything looks as if it could have been beamed down from the Starship Enterprise. Harmony follows geometric principles. Although individual elements sometimes seem to have been thrown together at random, in reality there is an overarching order which only becomes clear when you view the picture as a whole. Thus a woman wearing this Alessi necklace is not simply sporting lots of individual rectangles, she is also wearing a jewellery replica of the entire Milky Way.


  • 1+2 Plate and placemats from Iittala
  • 3 Coffee cup with saucer from Vista Alegre
  • 4 Salt and pepper shakers from Riva
  • 5 Jug from Georg Jensen
  • 6 Cutlery from Toast Living
  • 7 Bowl from Alessi

Space-age food: time for intergalactic dining.
Stanley Kubrick was among the first to set futuristic space fantasy against a distinctive aesthetic backdrop. That look is now ready to land at your dinner table, providing extra-terrestrial eating delights. Today’s tableware is highly innovative yet totally tasteful, whichever way you look at it. These coffee cups from Vista Alegre play with conical and triangular shapes, while the salt and pepper shakers from Boutique Riva are all edges and corners. The cutlery, on the other hand, offers a light and enthusiastic invitation to eat. This same spirit is manifest in small lunar landscapes. The translucent plates from littala have just such a lunar bubble design. And even placemats can shine beautifully like the stars in the sky.


  • Space Suite, Hotel Kameha Grand Zurich

Our tip: take a trip to the moon. The Space Suite at the Kameha Grand Zurich
A night in the Space Suite at the Kameha Zurich Hotel feels like a journey to a galaxy far, far away. The bed appears weightless, the floor feels like you’re walking on the moon and the steam room affords a vista into outer space. Berlin artist Michael Najjar really thought of everything when he designed this luxury suite. The interior is correspondingly pared down. White upholstered furniture cloaked in shimmering leather is reminiscent of the seating on a space shuttle, while turbine-look lamps shed light on the overall design. Side tables resemble moon rock, with a reflective surface that gives the room an added dimension. Here is where function and aesthetics go hand in hand to create a space for minimalist clean chic, an exciting experience for earthlings as well as creatures from outer space.