Composing Freedom – the trend for free spirits.

Styling everything is passé. This season’s most unconventional trend is primarily about one thing: freedom. A wide variety of colours, shapes and styles come together in a wild whirl to showcase the intentional contradictions of Composing Freedom. Long live liberty!

Composing Freedom-animal prints-pictograms-foto prints-01

Favourite colour: all of the above
It’s impossible to file this trend under a particular colourway. The more daring the combination of bold colours, the better – from bright red to ultramarine blue. Its influences include street art, comic books and 1960s to 80s retro styles. Contributions also come from a wide variety of patterns, from dots, stripes and flowers to jacquard, animal prints, pictures, photo prints and pictograms.

Plywood-metal-glass-plastic-fake fur-materials-02

Objets trouvés and ornaments
Creativity knows no bounds when it comes to the choice of materials. Plywood is combined with metal, glass and plastic; fake fur and other textiles are allied with enamelled surfaces or high-gloss, spray-paint and neon looks. This conjunction of old and new, brand and no-name, designer item and objet trouvé leaves an unconventional, relaxed and unfussy impression. Street style is clearly exercising an ever bigger influence on fashion and product design.

LED screens-square globes-03

Freedom is fun
This trend also leaves plenty of room for placing everyday objects in unusual settings. You will find cartoon speech bubbles, wood-clad LED screens, square globes and animal-shaped occasional tables. You too can take pleasure in breaking boundaries and get joy from experimenting. One thing remains constant through the colourful chaos: an original, relaxed attitude among the colours, shapes, styles and materials. Be free, have fun!