Back to basics – lifestyle trend nature.

Sustainability is far more than just a trend. These days it is a benchmark for almost all areas of life. It’s no wonder then that sustainability has been a focal theme at Ambiente for many years. At the world’s leading trade fair for consumer goods, manufacturers show how the responsible use of resources and nature-inspired designs can go hand in hand with requirements for form and functionality in the Living, Giving and Dining product areas. Here you’ll find a preview of the innovations to be found at the fair with the message: We love nature!

Furniture and accessories made of wood, natural stone and glass, craft products made of ceramics, clay and raffia, eco-friendly textiles and products made using traditional methods – the “back to nature” movement is taking residence in our homes and lives. “Resource conservation, environmentally responsible production and the intelligent use of materials are aspects of sustainability that are seen as essential by many consumers,” explains Nicolette Naumann from Ambiente Frankfurt. “In addition to quality and design aspects, sustainability is well on the way to becoming a decisive criterion when it comes to product selection.”

trend_nature1In terms of product selection, our thoughts immediately turn to the most fascinating of all natural materials:  wood. Much copied, never matched. The grains and knots that make each surface unique, the patina that develops over the years, its timeless beauty and warmth – all these things makes wood a material that will never be out of fashion. And it’s not just its look that embodies the wonder of nature, its texture also makes it more than just a material for manufacturing furniture. Don’t you find that salad simply tastes better from a wooden bowl? Don’t wooden pepper grinders sit more comfortably in the hand? Don’t you feel better when your child is playing with wooden building blocks rather than plastic ones?

It’s a similar thing with natural stone. Not only top-of-the-range marble, but also granite, slate and sandstone bear witness to the inimitable elegance of nature. They have the ability to age and be ageless at the same time. Natural stone is also wonderfully vibrant! The Italians swear that their pesto tastes better when ground in a mortar made of marble or granite. And what about that natural slate work surface? The scratches and marks bear witness to the many snacks and family meals that have been prepared on it over the years. Memories that are literally carved in stone …

The list of such treasures of nature is endless. Glass in all its forms – transparent, opaque, single-coloured or multi-coloured – cork on floors, on walls or as a design accent, raffia and rattan in furniture and decorations, the colourful world of fleecy wool, coarse felt, leather and fur … we could go on and on. The wonderful thing about these materials is the number of ways in which they can be combined and continually restyled – for instance, to create a completely natural look or as a ‘clean chic’ eyecatcher.  And they all have one thing in common. They give vibrancy and a feeling of well-being to any interior.

Nature as a trend. In fact, it’s not really a trend. It’s far more a contemporary return to materials and production techniques that have survived for generations and can continually be reinvented. For this reason furniture, accessories, household products and decorations made from natural materials as well as designs inspired by nature play an important role at Ambiente 2015. “Back to nature” is a recurring theme at the fair and offers inspirations for a sustainable lifestyle. Wooden toys that provide a natural start to life. Bowls, jars and other beautiful and useful containers made from bamboo, oak, ceramics or enamel. Cushions, throws and other attractive natural products for a comfortable home. Gifts with that certain natural something for indoors, outdoors, kitchen, bathroom or living room. The beauty of nature awaits us!