Artisanal gardening – back to nature!

Décor created from branches, twigs, flowers and floral patterns, from prints inspired by forest and meadow, from untreated wood, natural stone and raw silk. “Artisanal Gardening” is the latest trend that is lifting the barrier between indoor and outdoor. We showcase it in our first review of the four Ambiente trend worlds.

Indian summer
Warm tones from red and orange to violet and brown. Powerful nuances of leaf, grass and moss-green. The gentle freshness and attractiveness of natural beige, grey and blue tones. The colour palette that informs “Artisanal Gardening” is anything but over-designed. It is reminiscent of the interplay of light and changing flora that you’d seen on a late summer stroll through the park – contrasting but also harmonious without feeling forced. Simply and naturally beautiful.

Trends_Artisanal Gardening _Natur_Indoor_Outdoor_garden_02

The aesthetic of the authentic
“Artisanal Gardening” is without doubt the look that most clearly embodies this year’s key theme of the Ambiente trend worlds. It focuses on “maintaining and developing” and is the result of a growing demand for products of value, for traditional products, for genuine and authentic products. For instance, the typically Russian wooden boards exhibited at the Trend Show as wall decorations, the handcrafted brushes from Sweden, the hand-blown glass objects and the hand-carved animal figures. “More than ever, people crave authenticity,” say design experts Claudia Herke and Annetta Palmisano. “Nature offers the best examples that show this trend is not only sustainable, it also embodies a special aesthetic that is a very long way from the jute bag look of some years ago.”

Trends_Artisanal Gardening _Natur_Indoor_Outdoor_garden_03

Inspired by nature, made by hand
This theme world has a very sophisticated, elegant and timeless feel to it. And this is down firstly to the choice of materials, e.g. natural wood and stone, bamboo, ceramic, clay, leather, wool, fur, linen and raw silk, and secondly to the look created by the use of traditional manufacturing methods such as plaiting, weaving, embroidery, engraving and woodcarving. “Artisanal Gardening” defines not only a lifestyle inspired by the grandeur of nature, this trend is also an expression of careful management of resources, a high regard for handcrafted products and a respect for tradition and culture. A perfect example of this is a light displayed at the presentation that was made using 400 year-old Japanese manufacturing techniques. The result is a delicate wooden object not even one millimetre thick that demonstrates outstanding subtlety in the handling of the materials.

Trends_Artisanal Gardening _Natur_Indoor_Outdoor_garden_01

Garden of inspiration
Last but not least – the mix is key! The combination of a wide variety of materials, textures, colours and patterns ensures a lightness that, according to Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano, creates a “relaxed home atmosphere”. The barrier between indoor and outdoor is blurred and elements from folklore and hippie chic, e.g. floral wallpaper and patchwork quilts, blend with vintage and collectors’ items. Bring nature into the house!