5 clever ideas for everyday living.

Nothing seems quite as old as the status quo – which is why designers all over the world continue to search for new solutions to our everyday problems. Although some solutions surprise us because there didn’t seem to be a problem in the first place, others surprise us more positively with their big new idea. We are delighted to display these big ideas in the Solutions special presentation.

The exhibits at the last Ambiente clearly show that big ideas can be incorporated in tiny products. A particular highlight for us is the Cookut party cake divider. These colourful plastic circles provide a small and compact solution to the problem of cutting cakes into pieces of the same size. Just press the divider displaying the required number of pieces into the centre of the cake and then cut along the markings.solutions_1A small modification that has a big effect can be seen in the ratchet grinder from Kuhn Rikon. Having analysed the entire milling principle, they have simply exchanged the winder for a ratchet. Instead of going round in circles when grinding and milling, it moves backwards and forwards. Although the result is the same, the experience is completely new.solutions_2The little item from Palomar that has entranced us is deliberately conspicuous. The simple magnetic design of the Lucetta bike light set enables the lights to be attached anywhere on your trusty two-wheeler.solutions_3A more unobtrusive product is the Bagsy, a clever big idea from AdHoc Design. This innovative closure can be used with all food storage bags thanks to its simple design principle. What’s more, not only does it close the bag securely, it’s easy to remove when you need to open it up again.solutions_4The products we’ve described here are naturally just a small selection of what’s on offer and, as we mentioned at the start, there seems to be no end to the creative process.  We’re looking forward to the new big ideas that we’ll discover in 2015.

Photos: Manufacturer