No limits.

Creativity knows no bounds in the Giving halls at Ambiente

Small-scale manufacturers, craftsmen and women, artists and designers transform the Giving halls into designer platforms that offer a thrilling mix of products. Here are all the ingredients for everyday delight: striking statement jewellery, fine leather goods, gift items from the heart and funky gadgets with a “Wow” effect.

Eye-catching items with a twinkle in the eye

Just give it a little twist, and an ordinary item becomes something special. There were lots of these eye-catching designs at Ambiente. With a penchant for neon, this year’s interior stylists seemed to love fluorescent lamps such as the emoji and cactus creations from Locomocean, while office accessories by Lund London made of shimmering plexiglass would instantly give any living room or office a new look.

Office accessories in plexiglass from Lund London at Ambiente 2018
Lund London
Neon lamps from Locomocean at Ambiente 2018

Sometimes classic designs had an added element of surprise, like the lucky oriental ‘beckoning’ cat by Donkey – in matt tones for a designer look. The colonial-style chimpanzee candleholder by Rice replaces traditional brass with bright modern colours and is an asset to any table.

Candleholders from Rice at Ambiente 2018
Beckoning cats from Donkey Products at Ambiente 2018
Donkey Products

Many designers have also taken an unusual approach to their use of materials. Formes Berlin make thin wooden postcards which slot together to form three-dimensional models of birds and other figures. Frohstoff from Hamburg use screen-print motifs such as bees on slip covers to transform ordinary bottles into pretty vases. The bags by 360° are made from old sails and have earned something of a cult status, and Lene Lundberg creates witty pendants and earrings from plexiglass and titanium.

Decorative birds and flowers from Formes Berlin at Ambiente 2018
Formes Berlin
Cloth vase from Frohstoff at Ambiente 2018
Bags from 360Grad at Ambiente 2018
360° Taschen
Pendants from Lene Lundberg at Ambiente 2018
Lene Lundberg

Jewellery trends, from filigree to statement accessory

Slouchy bracelets are this summer’s must-have and were definitely a big hit at Ambiente. The look is achieved by combining lots of different styles, such as the colourful leather bracelets tanned with rhubarb by Saami Crafts, and decorated in a traditional ancient Scandinavian way using fine tin threads and beads. LeJu’s fabric bracelets made us stop and stare: they’re designed in London and woven in Colombia using sustainable, traditional methods. Jewellery designer Pernille Corydon showcased filigree palm and leaf motifs, alongside a globe pendant with on-trend enamel details. Timi offered us a sweet storytelling concept in jewellery form: complete with message, these fine chains make the perfect gift. Another major jewellery trend are sparkling statement accessories such as bright pendants, patches for bags and colourful beads that really offer an eye-catching bang for your buck.

Leather bracelets in bright colors from Same Crafts at Ambiente 2018
Saami Crafts
Fabric bracelets from Leju at Ambiente 2018
Necklaces from Pernille Corydon at Ambiente 2018
Pernille Corydon
Necklaces from Timi of Sweden at Ambiente 2018
Timi of Sweden

Alpacas are our new favourite animals

Peru is totally on-trend. First there was ceviche, then quinoa and pisco sour: now the alpacas are coming. Move over, unicorns! Alpacas and their funny, funky hair have teamed up with their llama friends to populate increasing numbers of lifestyle accessories, from paper plates to coffee cups, spreading their picture-perfect South American style. And in case anyone asks: yes, alpacas belong to the same family as camels.

Alpaca Llamas from Kare design at Ambiente 2018
Kare Design
Plate and lama object from talking Tables at Ambiente 2018
Talking Tables
Lunch bags from Stoffbox Hamburg at Ambiente 2018
Stoffbox Hamburg
Llama cho and accessories from Noï Hamburg at Ambiente 2018
Noï Hamburg

Metallic and hologram effects for (time) travel

Shiny, shimmering surfaces add more than a touch of glamour to handbags, shopping bags and notebooks. The simpler the shape, the more stratospheric the accessories look, such as these diaries and travel notebooks by Louise Carmen, closed with a simple elastic band. We also loved the sleek-shaped bags by Shine Hamburg and Nicole Pietag – who also makes bags with a distressed metal effect. Frankfurt label Nuuna produces notebooks like tiny works of art, experimenting with holographic light effects. It’s high time to shake up that boring Monday meeting!

Metallic bags from Nicole Pietag at Ambiente 2018
Nicole Pietag
Metallic bag from Shine Hamburg at Ambiente 2018
Shine Hamburg
Notebook from Louise Carmen Paris at Ambiente 2018
Louise Carmen Paris
Notebooks from Nuuna at Ambiente 2018

Sticky tape for a brighter future

Washi tape pioneers mt were established some 10 years ago, and really celebrated their anniversary in style at their stand. This patterned sticky tape now brightens up scrapbooks and mood boards in creative spaces the world over. Washi tape is still in the ascendant and may well be the simplest way of prettifying art, interiors and furniture. It’s a technique that has also inspired Remember, who produce weatherproof tapes for bicycles in a wide variety of patterns – it’s time to pimp your bike!

Masking Tape from MT Masking Tape at Ambiente 2018
MT Masking Tape
Bicycle tape from Remember at Ambiente 2018
Header image: Ayala Bar
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