Rooted in interior design.

The boom in green houseplants began with the rediscovery of the Monstera deliciosa. This large-leaved tropical plant was part of the 50s revival, which also saw teak furniture, leather armchairs and Mad Men-style bar trolleys come back into fashion. Green plants are now taking root in all styles of furnishing, cachepots, planters and hanging baskets have become sophisticated design objects.

The Monstera – also known as the Swiss cheese plant – is an established design icon, and has been followed by the peace lily, mother-in-law’s tongue, calathea (numerous varieties), palms, succulents and many other types of tropical plants that flourish in houses and apartments around the globe. Now that the trend for decorative planters and cachepots has really taken hold, even the least green-fingered of us are planting a bit of mother nature in our homes. The range of presentation options are as varied as the plants themselves.

A leaf of Monstera Deliciosa in front of a white background and a black frame by G&C Interiors
Monstera deliciosa from G&C Interiors
The plant Monstera Deliciosa in a pot. On the right accessory by Hübsch
Monstera deliciosa with accessories by Hübsch
A concrete pot by House Doctor with a Calathea plant in it
Calathea in a concrete pot by House Doctor
Different leaves of Calathea lying on a round piece of wood. Picture by Pflanzenfreude
The many varieties of calathea, ©
Modern plant pots from exhibitors of the Ambiente fair />
1. Broste Copenhagen
2. Lübech Living
3. Serax
4. Aarikka

Big and down-to-earth
Oversize plant pots and plant baskets on the floor make a bold statement and are also right on trend. They are not only decorative eye-catchers, but also benefit the plants, which need larger and larger pots with fresh, nutrient-rich soil as they grow. Cachepots seem to be replacing scatter cushions. And it’s really easy to change the look of a room by placing plants in a new container – from industrial to boho chic and from elegant to rustic.

Dark Calathea in a colourful pot standing in a living room by Dome Deco
Calathea in a cachepot from Dôme Deco
Different plant pots and baskets from exhibitors of the Ambiente fair />
1. Serax
2. Lene Bjerre
3. IB Laursen
4. D&M Depot
5. Lambert
6. Bazar Bizar

Planters in high heels and on different levels
There are plenty of places other than the windowsill for plants. They can, for example, have their own shelves and etageres. Pots can be raised on elegant feet. Or entire items of furniture can be designed for a fabulous green display. Even if the containers may change quite frequently, we tend to remain faithful to particular plant varieties for years. Nature dictates its own pace, as the experts at confirm: “In particular, non-flowering green plants of all sizes are very popular. Besides the monstera, palms of all kinds and tropical hanging plants such as rhipsalis are very much in fashion. Fast-growing plants like ivy also fit perfectly into a modern jungle setting.” These tropical beauties will be with us for many years to come.

green Calathea in marble pot on a table by Nordal
Calathea in a pot from Nordal
areca palm in a plant pot with rack in front of decorations by Nordal
Golden cane palm in a plant stand from Nordal
Modern plant pots with rack from exhibitors of the Ambiente fair />
1. Serax
2. Dôme Deco
3. Umbra
4. pt,/Present Time
5. Eva Solo
A small conifer in a plantbank in front of a darkish green wall by Hübsch
Conifer in a plant bench from Hübsch
A cooper watering can in silver in the front and a golden cooper watering can in the back by AYTM
Several Efeutute in different pots by Handed. Picture by Pflanzenfreude
Ivy in plant stands from Handed by, ©
Rhipsalis standing on a counter and growing to the bottom. Alongside several different plants in a kitchen. Picture by Pflanzenfreude
Rhipsalis, ©

Hang cool – with designer hanging planters
Hanging planters are the new micro-trend in the plant world with 70s-style cotton-rope macramé hanging baskets rubbing shoulders with modern, slimline hanging plant pots. These items look good wherever they’re used: for instance for dividing up areas or for accommodating indoor plants in places where space is at a premium.

chinese happy tree in a hanging rack by All Things We Like
Chinese happy tree in a plant hanger from All Things We Like
A single Sukkulente hanging in a rack by Kaja Skytte
Succulent in a Planteplanet from Kaja Skytte
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