Guest blog by Valerie Schöneich, designsetter

There are so many styles to inspire our spaces. Interior stylist, designer, writer and founder of Valerie Schöneich talks about what ambience means to her. She strives to achieve a low-key, minimalist interior with a maximum of hygge. Her interior elements harmonise to produce a clear, simple, pared-down aesthetic. You too can focus on the essential, resist excess decoration, and still create cosy, fun interiors. read more ›

Sharpen your senses: Today, we are making intense and fascinating experiences. A sweet mixture of room fragrance, the scent of plants and natural paint is filling the air. We are hearing a barely audible, yet strangely present whispering of water alongside faint music. Our eyes are pleased: Such magnificent design! Such pleasure for our sense of touch! Come closer – walk right into the world of Living in halls 9 and 11.

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