“You say you want a revolution …” sang the Beatles in 1968. They were talking about society, but we’re talking about a culinary revolution. Coffee is changing – though nobody’s singing about it just yet. Coffee is no longer simply a caffeinated hot drink: it comes in new and exciting varieties. And as the chorus of the song says: “Don’t you know it’s going to be alright”. read more ›

Cutlery is, of course, far more than just a set of tools for eating. Knives, forks and spoons are a reflection of good taste. These days, there are so many attractive cutlery sets with sophisticated designs and a refined feel that it is difficult to choose which one to buy. We show you how to set the table for brilliant mealtimes. read more ›

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Sage is the colour of healing and serenity. It’s also a colour that will outlast passing fads, since it acts as both a neutral nuance and a colourful decorative feature. We’ve gathered the most harmonious colour combinations and the most ingenious ideas for using sage indoors. We’ve also got some exciting travel tips so you can see sage in its natural habitat. read more ›