We wanted to know where our consumer journey was headed, so we took a look around the internet and city centres. The battle between online and offline is ongoing. Take, for example, ‘Amazon Go’ in Seattle, the first offline supermarket at which payment is solely by app. Customers check in with a code when they enter and can then simply walk out of the store with their purchases. A number of clear trends have come to our attention.

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Children delight in exploring the world through play. The more inspirations we offer them in their day-to-day lives, the better they develop their motor, sensory and intellectual capacities. With the imaginative furnishing and decoration ideas and the colourful diversity of playthings that we discovered at Ambiente, it’s literally child’s play to satisfy the hunger for knowledge and the desire to learn of our young ones. After all, who wouldn’t at times like to be a child again? read more ›