“You say you want a revolution …” sang the Beatles in 1968. They were talking about society, but we’re talking about a culinary revolution. Coffee is changing – though nobody’s singing about it just yet. Coffee is no longer simply a caffeinated hot drink: it comes in new and exciting varieties. And as the chorus of the song says: “Don’t you know it’s going to be alright”. read more ›

Glasses that change colour under neon lighting, an innovative apple peeler, ethnic decorations and patterned porcelain. In two days at Ambiente, YouTube star Sally discovered all sorts of interesting things for her channel ‘Sallys Welt’ (Sally’s World), for her online shop and for her home. We find out here what she has found to make her cooking and baking easier, which trends she likes and what she’d like her husband to buy for her as a present. read more ›

Good things come to those who wait. It’s especially true in the kitchen, when we braise classic winter dishes like stews, roasts, goulash and ragout to warm us, body and soul. Earthenware, stoneware and ceramic dishes work especially well and are currently enjoying a comeback to the kitchen. Here’s to tasty tradition, slow cooking and your good health! read more ›