That’s Frankfurt all right: even the old town is new. The ‘Neue Altstadt’ is where tradition meets the future at the beating heart of the city, with a mixture of historic and modern buildings providing the architectural highlights. Where once the foundations were laid for the future financial metropolis, now museums, galleries and designer stores offer the wanderer a different cultural experience. Every week there’s something new in this lovely, lively district. read more ›

Wake up, spring has sprung! And what’s out there? At first glance, there are lots of old favourites – but hang on, don’t go back into hibernation just yet. A host of new ideas and unusual combinations are creating excitement and a breath of fresh air. Even the Easter bunny has his ears pinned back. We provide lots of examples. read more ›

Guest blog from Katharina Tiringer SoLebIch

With deep dark green and warm terracotta, as well as plenty of cushions, rugs and handcrafted one-off items, the latest trends in interior design are gradually replacing minimalism. Kati Tiringer reports from Ambiente 2017 on the changes this will bring about in our own havens of retreat – and discovers the interior accessories that will make our homes even more attractive.

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