A guest blog by Katharina Tiringer, solebich.de

There’s more to life than white. A whole palette is available for you to paint your walls with. We show how a big splash of colour can make a positive impact on an interior. From pink to black, colourful rooms create a home to reflect your personality. read more ›

Guest blog by Valerie Schöneich, designsetter

There are so many styles to inspire our spaces. Interior stylist, designer, writer and founder of designsetter.de Valerie Schöneich talks about what ambience means to her. She strives to achieve a low-key, minimalist interior with a maximum of hygge. Her interior elements harmonise to produce a clear, simple, pared-down aesthetic. You too can focus on the essential, resist excess decoration, and still create cosy, fun interiors. read more ›

A longing for the sea is a feeling many of us know well. It’s no wonder then that maritime themes influence many design classics. In particular, the “Long Island Style” inspired by the Hamptons in New York – which the Americans also refer to more generally as “Coastal Style” – is a traditional summer favourite. Natural wood, simple patterns and light blue and white tones give a sense of freshness and lightness to the home. But “Coastal Style” offers much more! This year, manufacturers are breathing new life into the look and presenting interiors and attractive accessories that bring the feel of the sea into the whole house – from kitchen to bathroom. read more ›

Blue is the only colour that keeps its character, whatever the shade. As wide as the sea, blue calms a racing heart, bringing trust and harmony. These sought-after pastels, cobalts and azures remind us how cloudless and sweet life can be. Why not look to the horizon and see what blue can do for you? The latest true blue interior collections place this most talented of colours in the spotlight. read more ›