One technique dates back thousands of years, the other’s in its infancy. We were blown away by variations on the ‘vase’ theme from glass blower Saskia Drebes and 3D designer Rosa Pause. These items from Ambiente Talents invite us to fill them immediately with flowers that match their beauty – not with a bouquet of artificial blooms, but with their wild cousins, now in demand all year round. We enlisted the help of a flower stylist for some great tips to ensure your cut flowers will give their best solo and team performances. read more ›

Can a spoon be a sin? Certainly, according to jewellery designer Gabi Veit from the South Tyrol. Inspired by the “seven deadly sins”, she has created a series of unconventional spoon characters. The playful cutlery and table utensils created by Kathleen Reilly from Scotland put an end to the convention of keeping silence at table. We spoke to these two young Ambiente talents about their bite-sized product designs. read more ›