Welcome to some great shops where they’ve got things just right! Shops that bring inspiration and plenty of soul to the city. Vice President of Ambiente Nicolette Naumann took us on a tour of her favourite stores in Frankfurt, where we got straight down to shopping mode with sweet treats, Scandinavian home design and outstanding gift ideas. Don’t miss these tips!
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Many Scandinavian design objects have achieved cult status over recent decades. Hoptimists ‘Bimble’ and ‘Bumble’, two cheeky, springy little characters, are just one example. When furniture designer Gustav Ehrenreich created these happy chappies almost 50 years ago, he used the most innovative material of the time: plastic. In 2009, Danish couple Lotte and Bo Steffensen decided to resurrect the figures and add new members of the family. It was soon apparent that they were onto a winning idea. read more ›

There are many good occasions to give jewellery, but Valentine’s Day is one of the best. Gold, diamonds and pearls have long expressed our heartfelt emotions. While rings still hold the greatest symbolism, perhaps something playful is called for on this traditional day of love. Fashion jewellery might also be well received: perhaps a bracelet with charms or a necklace with a heart-shaped pendant. read more ›