Designer Corinna Kretschmar-Joehnk throws the desk out of the window when furnishing a next-generation hotel room. The joint head of JOI Design in Hamburg works with a studio team on her interiors. She has spent over 30 years creating many distinctive premium brand hotels, luxury spas and restaurants. This trend expert has some surprisingly radical statements for us, and a fair few ‘instagrammable’ style secrets. read more ›

Rabbits, eggs, little lambs and spring flowers – you’d be forgiven for thinking that the decorations for Easter are unchanging. Certainly, the motifs that symbolise Easter return year after year. However, the look is also informed by trends, fashions, interior design and accessories. On our hunt for Easter eggs and the Easter bunny at Ambiente, we established one thing for certain: Easter 2015 will be colourful! read more ›

What happens when modern European design meets traditional southern African weaving? All will be revealed at Ambiente. We will be showing the products which emerged from two workshops held by designers Matali Crasset and Sebastian Herkner in Zimbabwe. The Basket Case II project approaches sustainability from a unique angle: it merges apparent contradictions, with fascinating intercultural outcomes in terms of product design. read more ›