Guest blog by Valerie Schöneich, designsetter

There are so many styles to inspire our spaces. Interior stylist, designer, writer and founder of Valerie Schöneich talks about what ambience means to her. She strives to achieve a low-key, minimalist interior with a maximum of hygge. Her interior elements harmonise to produce a clear, simple, pared-down aesthetic. You too can focus on the essential, resist excess decoration, and still create cosy, fun interiors. read more ›

Scandinavian design has its own distinctive style: a timeless language of clear, straight lines with recurring reminders of the beauty of nature. Design icons such as Arne Jacobsen and Hans Wegner still influence interiors worldwide, and major trends in architecture, furniture, decoration and lighting can be traced back to the stylish simplicity of northern Europe. Once again, the product worlds at Ambiente 2015 offered much that was both beautiful, practical and imbued with a certain essence of Scandinavia. read more ›

Design that arouses a sense of yearning. The key theme at Ambiente 2015 defines a trend that is a counterpoint to our fast-paced world and is reflected in the international hotel industry. We have chosen the Square Nine Hotel in Belgrade as an example of the beauty of nostalgia. With its historical old-town location it awakens a host of memories and a yearning for a cherished past. read more ›

How we dress and how we live is determined to a large extent by styles and trends. There are short-lived fashions that take up space in our wardrobes for just a single season – and there are also things that we never want to lose. Vintage items, souvenirs, sentimental kitsch … whatever you want to call them, they are things that make our everyday life more pleasant and arouse in us one of our strongest feelings: yearning. read more ›