A guest blog by Katharina Tiringer, solebich.de

There’s more to life than white. A whole palette is available for you to paint your walls with. We show how a big splash of colour can make a positive impact on an interior. From pink to black, colourful rooms create a home to reflect your personality. read more ›

Sage is the colour of healing and serenity. It’s also a colour that will outlast passing fads, since it acts as both a neutral nuance and a colourful decorative feature. We’ve gathered the most harmonious colour combinations and the most ingenious ideas for using sage indoors. We’ve also got some exciting travel tips so you can see sage in its natural habitat. read more ›

Green rolling hills, crystal blue water and yellow primroses. These colours all artfully lend a natural freshness to home accessories, crockery and kitchen utensils. Last year’s candy colours have made way for stronger shades that instantly open up all the senses and usher in a light, bright mood. Our examples from colour specialist Pantone are a teasing taster of summer. And how about a hotel tip to tickle your fancy?

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Red is sexy, red is wild! Red is seductive, dangerous, mystical, and a real energy booster! In short, no other colour conveys such an extreme image and, when on show, is a real eye-catcher. Although the trend in fashion and interior design in recent years has been towards the “less is more” approach, the colour red will be celebrating a great comeback this autumn – in accessories, tableware, decorative items and furnishings. There’s no denying the fact that the colour red has power. Even the hotel industry has started to recognize this and now uses red as a design highlight. read more ›