Infinite worlds and galaxies far, far away. There’s no question that space has always held a fascination for us. Over the years, film makers and set designers have increasingly shown us dreams of life on other planets. Now outer space is finally moving into the mainstream. For autumn/winter 2016, designers are aiming for reflective, straight-line futurism, and whipping up a storm of intergalactic enthusiasm. read more ›

A longing for the sea is a feeling many of us know well. It’s no wonder then that maritime themes influence many design classics. In particular, the “Long Island Style” inspired by the Hamptons in New York – which the Americans also refer to more generally as “Coastal Style” – is a traditional summer favourite. Natural wood, simple patterns and light blue and white tones give a sense of freshness and lightness to the home. But “Coastal Style” offers much more! This year, manufacturers are breathing new life into the look and presenting interiors and attractive accessories that bring the feel of the sea into the whole house – from kitchen to bathroom. read more ›

Many Scandinavian design objects have achieved cult status over recent decades. Hoptimists ‘Bimble’ and ‘Bumble’, two cheeky, springy little characters, are just one example. When furniture designer Gustav Ehrenreich created these happy chappies almost 50 years ago, he used the most innovative material of the time: plastic. In 2009, Danish couple Lotte and Bo Steffensen decided to resurrect the figures and add new members of the family. It was soon apparent that they were onto a winning idea. read more ›

This multi-award winner’s creative repertoire includes furniture, lighting, tableware … and manhole covers. In Frankfurt, we came face to face with creative multitasker Giulio Iacchetti who considers good design part of his cultural heritage: it must be valued, preserved, developed and – above all – loved. read more ›