Wake up, spring has sprung! And what’s out there? At first glance, there are lots of old favourites – but hang on, don’t go back into hibernation just yet. A host of new ideas and unusual combinations are creating excitement and a breath of fresh air. Even the Easter bunny has his ears pinned back. We provide lots of examples. read more ›

Glasses that change colour under neon lighting, an innovative apple peeler, ethnic decorations and patterned porcelain. In two days at Ambiente, YouTube star Sally discovered all sorts of interesting things for her channel ‘Sallys Welt’ (Sally’s World), for her online shop and for her home. We find out here what she has found to make her cooking and baking easier, which trends she likes and what she’d like her husband to buy for her as a present. read more ›

Put on your apron, lay out your materials and get going! That’s often the starting point for creating a little masterpiece. Whether in the workshop or the kitchen, creating something of your own gives meaning and enjoyment. ‘Honest materials’ are an essential companion in such activities – and take on a surprising life of their own. read more ›