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A blissful tropical vacation among the palm trees or a Jeep safari with wild tigers and crocodiles is now within reach – without ever leaving home. The jungle style trend features large palm prints and wallpapers, fun equatorial colours and funky interior accessories. Exotic meets Africa: zoology, ostriches, wildcats, monkeys and lions all feature this trend, which is all about playful, glam escapism. So here are inspirational ideas to help create your very own, home-grown jungle boogie vibe. read more ›


The cactus is dusting off its old image and making a triumphant comeback. It’s not just the plant that’s back, but its image on plates, cups and cushions or its outline in a variety of materials on accessories and decorative objects. This spiny plant is suddenly everywhere – it has left grandma’s windowsill far behind. Free from its old ways, the cactus has become the very latest trend. read more ›


In cities, balconies are gardens. And they offer just as many design possibilities as the traditional back garden – in miniature. This year’s key trends are ethno, retro and minimalist. But which one to choose? We consult a real expert on planting on balconies, ask what’s currently in demand and see what goes with each style. Let’s find out what your balcony type is! read more ›

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Guest blog from decor8

Hi, I’m Holly Becker and I’m so pleased to visit you today on the Ambiente blog. As an author, interior stylist and blogger, I’m always on the look out for new and inspiring things to share with my readers and clients. Today, I want to discuss trends but not the obvious ones (I’ll explain more in a moment) plus I want to talk about why and how your home needs to support you on all levels so you can reach your personal best (and your family too) and how attending a fair like Ambiente can help you reach your customers, clients and even yourself. read more ›


Guest blog from Katharina Tiringer SoLebIch

With deep dark green and warm terracotta, as well as plenty of cushions, rugs and handcrafted one-off items, the latest trends in interior design are gradually replacing minimalism. Kati Tiringer reports from Ambiente 2017 on the changes this will bring about in our own havens of retreat – and discovers the interior accessories that will make our homes even more attractive.

read more ›